Welcome to a nice student residence in central Lund!  We have 242 corridor rooms, kitchenettes and apartments for rent. We have parking places, both for cars and motorcycles, also for rent and paid in advance.

Membership and the tenant card.
When you join Smålands Nation and are a tenant of SNB, you get the tenant card. Except all the good things with a regular membership, the tenant card also gives you completely free entrance to almost all events and clubs. Welcome to Smålands Nation Expen, Kastanjegatan 7, and get yours today! Open Mon-thur 15-18, Fri 13-16. Homepage and more info: smalands.org/membership/

Corridor rooms and kitchenettes are rent free July and August. You pay monthly in advance during the rest of the year.

Housing applicant
When we have available rooms/apartments you can apply here.
If you have any further questions, send an e-mail to bostad@snbostader.se

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General Information

Office Opening Hours

SNB housing office is open Monday, Wednesday: 14.00-16.00. Limits caused by corona, read more here https://snbostader.se/covid-19/

Phone number to the Office: 0725-158745.

The office is vacation closed.

Moving out/Moving in special opening hours – first working day every month
Moving out: 9.00-12.00
Moving in: 15.00-18.00

Fault report
Fault reports are handled by the property management company Stadsbostäder. For reports of fault and urgent damage during working days, register and log in to My Profiles (Min Sida) .The first time you log in to My Profiles you have to state the object number (objektnummer) of your apartment. You find it at the bottom right corner of your rental invoice. If you do not have your object number available, send your first fault report to felanmalan@stadsbostad.se. You can also make a fault report on phone numer 040 – 12 64 00 weekdays between 9.00 – 12.00 and 13.00 – 15.00.

Urgent damage during other hours
For urgent damage that occur 16.00-08.00 and all hours during weekends and national holidays, contact Örestad Bevakning at phone numer 040 – 93 12 70.

Urgent damage, such as water leakage, flooding, blocked toilets, serious electrical faults that absolutley can’t wait until the next working day.

Paying your rent - remember OCR
The rent will be notified every month via e-mail, e-invoice or direct debet (autogiro). You can register for e-invoice och direct debet via your internet bank.

You have to add the OCR number to your payment. If you pay from abroad, please add the OCR number in the message field.

Questions about payment and notifications of rents
If you have questions contact our property management company, Stadsbostäder, phone +46 040–126400, epost: info@stadsbostad.se.

You can get access to your rental invoice and see the status of your payments by login in to My Profiles at Stadsbostäder

The first time you log in to My Profiles you have to state the object number (objektnummer) of your apartment. You find it at the bottom right corner of your rental invoice.

Information to tenants at Smålands Nations Bostäder who pay rent from a foreign bank.

  • To pay rent from a foreign bank you need the following information:

IBAN no.: SE9850000000056241086316
Beneficiary: Stiftelsen Smålands Nations Bostäder
Address: Kastanjegatan 1C, 223 59 Lund Sweden
Bank: SEB
Address: SE-banken, Box 97, S-22100 Lund Sweden

  • It is very important that you enter your name or OCR-reference (OCR-referens) when making your payment. You also must choose that the sender is responsible for all fees.
  • If you pay rent from a foreign bank, remember to pay in Swedish currency, SEK.