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The Smålands Nations Bostäder Foundation is located in the southeastern part of central Lund. The foundation rents out housing to students studying at Lunds university. We have 241 homes in Dackegården (A-huset, B-längan and C-huset) and Korpamoen. There are corridor rooms, kitchenettes, one and two room apartments. All our corridor rooms and kitchenette rooms have a 10-month rent, July and August are rent-free months. The two-room apartments have a 12-month rent.

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Solar panels soon in place on Småland's roof!

During some of the first weeks of autumn, there has been a lot of activity on the roofs of Småland Nations Bostäder in Lund. Lifting cranes that swing material up several floors. A work team in yellow vests receives and moves accustomed to the roof with safety lines.

What happens? Well, as one of the first older nation houses in central Lund, the Stiftelsen Smålands Nations Bostäder - houses B, C and Korpamoen's roof will now have solar cells.

The plant's annual production is 60MWh, which corresponds roughly to the annual consumption of 30 apartments, or the fuel for an average electric car to drive 30,000 km (3/4 turns around the earth), or you can vacuum for 40,000 h (about 4.5 years).

Since the initiator of the project, Bengt Månsson, chairman of SNB, died of cancer at the beginning of autumn, the solar cell project is led by construction manager Björn Lindberg, HOAB. The installation of solar cells is carried out by the solar energy company Brion with project manager Anders Hägge in collaboration with Stefan Larsson, Sweco. The working group also includes the SNB's caretaker Christian Magnell, business manager Håkan Möller and Anna Alsmark, SNB's board.

Solar cells on SNB’s roofs previously appeared as too expensive and large project for SNB, which had many other costly and prioritized renovations ahead of it, according to a drawn-up 10-year maintenance plan. In the winter of 2022 - because of the Ukraine war - an energy crisis arose that had major consequences in Europe, which led to a switch to solar energy gaining more attention in the public debate. The municipality of Lund, companies, and private individuals, invested heavily in solar cells on their roofs. The board decided to quickly investigate the possibilities for SNB to switch to solar energy and in the longer term both keep electricity costs down and invest in the environment.

The question was what was required to install solar panels on the roofs of SNB.

The foundation's chairman, Bengt Månsson, prepared a preliminary study through Sweco, who, together with the caretaker Christian Magnell, inventoried the outer roof, power stations and other external conditions. An application for planning permission would probably be required. The recommendations were to go ahead and investigate the appropriate size of the facility, which surfaces can be used and the property's energy needs.

Later in 2022, the persistent energy crisis with sharply increased electricity prices made the solar cell project a very urgent project. In the spring of 2023, an application for a building permit was compiled and sent to the municipality. The application was approved and planning continued. In August it became clear that the solar cells would be installed, and the work is expected to be completed in December 2023.

​ Anna Alsmark