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Things to keep in mind when paying your rent
Rents are announced monthly via e-mail, direct debit or e-invoice. You register for direct debit or e-invoice via your internet bank. You must enter the OCR number when paying the rent. You can also log in to "My Page" and get access to your rental advice and see the status of your payments. The first time you log in, you need to enter your apartment's property number, which you will find at the bottom right of your rental notice.

The rent must be paid in advance, no later than the last weekday before the beginning of each month to which the rent relates. You must pay the rent regardless of whether the payment slip has been received by you or not. Keep in mind that it takes some day for payment to reach us. If you do not pay the rent on time, you will be charged with collection costs and interest.

The cost of electricity and broadband is included in the rent.

Information on housing allowance is provided by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.

Do not forget to report your move and new address to the Swedish Tax Agency!

Up to and including 2019, newly moved in tenants paid a deposit fee. It will be refunded within two months of moving out. We need your bank details (bank name, clearing number and account number) to repay.

For tenants who have moved in from 2020, there is no deposit fee.

The disturbance emergency service
In the student housing buildings and the neighborhood around Smålands Nations bostäder, it is close to the neighbors and it is easy to disturb others and to be disturbed yourself. Show consideration. Do not have too high sound level, especially between 22:00-08:00.

Read more here about where you can turn if you experience repeated disturbances.

If you yourself disturb your neighbors so much that they are forced to report it to the emergency service, you may be liable for compensation for the emergency.

Home insurance
All our tenants need their own home insurance. The foundation's insurance does not cover damage to your belongings, nor damage that the tenant causes to the home or the properties.

Damage or wear and tear
If damage to an apartment occurs due to your fault or through negligence or neglect from someone who belongs to your household or is visiting you, you are liable for compensation.

You are fully responsible even in the case of approved subletting. If you want to report that something has been damaged or worn out, contact the caretaker or the housing office.

Locked out
If you are locked out during the day at 9-16, you should contact Stadsbostäder on telephone +46(0)40-12 64 00 00 or make an error report on "My Page". There is no emergency service for lockout during other times and weekends.

You are responsible for the cleaning of your room, shower and toilet. Together with the tenants in your corridor, you are responsible for the order in the kitchen, on the balcony, shower and toilet as well as other common areas. Cleaning of stairwells, laundry rooms, as well as sauna departments and basement corridors, is provided by the Foundation.

Move in and out
Moving out/Moving in special opening hours – first working day every month
Moving out: 9.00-12.00
Moving in: 15.00-18.00