Rental terms and conditions

Rental conditions for the Smålands Nations Bostäder Foundation in Lund

Academic requirement

1.1 Housing applicants and tenants at SNB must be active university or college students in Lund (study requirement).

The study requirement is met by housing applicants who have been admitted to studies of at least 30 higher education credits per semester (100%) in Lund and by tenants who conduct studies of at least 22.5 credits (75%) per semester in Lund. Doctoral students must be able to present an activity level of at least 50% per semester.

The study requirement is also met by those who hold a temporary full-time remunerated position of trust within Smålands Nation.

1.3 If the study requirement is not met, which is continuously checked by SNB, the housing applicant loses the opportunity to rent accommodation and the existing tenant is terminated from their home.

Exemption from the study and membership requirement

1.4 General exemption from the study requirement may in certain cases be granted in advance with full semesters if the applicant both before and after the exemption period fulfills or intends to fulfill the study and membership requirement.

General exemption can be granted in total for
• two (2) semesters per child for parental leave and
• two (2) semesters for studies at another university or college and
• one (1) semester for other reasons.

1.5 Upon application, a medical exemption may be granted to an individual applicant with a maximum of four (4) semesters for long-term sick leave with a completely reduced study capability. Each application for a medical exemption must be substantiated with a medical certificate stating the degree of reduced study ability and a prognosis for return to active studies.

1.6 Applications for exemptions are made in writing to SNB and must always contain information about the entire semesters for which exemptions are applied for and the reasons invoked together with documentation that certifies these.

Housing limit
1.7 In addition to the study requirement, the length of the residence period is affected by the housing limit in the rental agreement. The housing limit is personal and is activated after a total of six (6) years of residence.
Time during which any exemption from the study requirement has been utilized shall be included in the length of the period of residence.
Activation of the housing limit means that the tenant moves out.

Age limit
1.8 Housing applicants must have reached an age of no more than 35 years when signing a lease agreement for corridor housing.


2.1 SNB’s rental of student housing takes place to housing applicants via the website

Housing application
2.2 The application for student housing is submitted by the housing applicant through registration on the website There must also be a declaration that the study requirement is met.

Availability for housing
Vacant housing is published regularly on the website and is possible to apply for by each housing applicant while the home is on the website.

2.4 The number of simultaneously active applications per housing applicant is limited.

Allocation of housing
2.5 Allocation of housing takes into account the order in which the housing applicants have applied for the housing.

Lease and signing
2.6 When the housing applicant has been allocated a home and accepted, SNB contacts him for contract signing.

Rental conditions

3.1 The conditions for the accommodation during the rental period are stated in the rental agreement.

Secondary tenure/Subletting
3.2 An application to SNB for subletting to another person who meets the study requirements is granted by SNB after a dispensation has been received in accordance with Chapter 1 and for a period when the applicant is unable to use his or her home.

No smoking indoors
Smoking is not allowed indoors in SNB’s properties.

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