Error report

Weekdays 8:00-16:00
Error reporting is handled by Stadsbostäder.

For faster handling of your error report, please give your consent in writing that you approve SNB may enter with the service key. On "My Page" you can create an error report and follow the status of your case. You create an account and log in to "My Page" by clicking here.

The first time you log in, you need to enter your apartment's property number, which you will find at the bottom right of your rental notice. If you do not have access to your object number, send your first error report to

On "My Page" you make all kinds of error reports that occur Monday-Friday between 08-16, everything from urgent faults such as water leakage / flood / power outage to a stop in the toilet, a refrigerator door is broken or other damage and wear.

Error reports can also be made on telephone 040-12 64 00 between 9:00-12:00 or 13:00-15:00.

Urgent damage during other hours
For urgent damage that occur 16:00-08:00 and all hours during weekends and national holidays, contact Örestad Bevakning at phone number 040-93 12 70.

Urgent damage, such as water leakage, flooding, blocked toilets, serious electrical faults that absolutely can’t wait until the next working day.

The disturbance emergency service
In the student housing buildings and the neighborhood around Smålands Nations bostäder, it is close to the neighbors and it is easy to disturb others and to be disturbed yourself. Show consideration. Do not have too high noise level, especially between 22:00-8:00.

If you experience repeated disturbances, you can report an error to Stadsbostäder on "My page".

During on-call time at 16:00-8:00, you turn to Örestad Bevakning on telephone 040-93 12 70.

If you yourself disturb your neighbors so much that they are forced to report it to the on-call service, you may be liable for compensation for the emergency.

Other damages or wear and tear
If damage occurs in an apartment through your fault or through negligence or neglect by someone who belongs to your household or is visiting you, you are liable for compensation. You are fully responsible even in the case of approved subletting.

If you want to report that something has been damaged or worn out (which is not an emergency), report the error to Stadsbostäder via "My page".