Rent parking space

There are 16 parking spaces next to our homes on Kastanjegatan 1 and Kastanjegatan 7, along the crossroads Gylleholmsgatan. In addition, there are 10 spaces for cars and 4 motorcycle spaces in a heated garage under Korpamoen, with entrance from Gylleholmsgatan.


Renting a parking space costs 455 SEK a month, a garage space 830 SEK a month and a motorcycle garage space 433 SEK a month. For tenants in our homes, no VAT is added. For others, 25% VAT will be added. The rent is paid monthly in advance.

Bevakningsgruppen checks for us that only cars with a valid parking permit park in our parking lot. Even you who rent must have the parking permit clearly visible in the car in order not to be fined for parking.

of lease

The notice period is two months. Termination always takes place at the end of the month.

Termination of parking

Parking spaces