Membership and housing card
New semester – new member / housing card! When you obtain membership in Smålands Nation and are a tenant at SNB, you will receive the housing card. In addition to all the benefits of regular membership, you also get free admission virtually to all events and clubs. Come down to Smålands Nations Expen on Kastanjegatan 7 and fix your membership today! Open Mon-Thu 15-18, Fri 13-16. Website and more info.

To connect to the network, you only need to connect a cord in the network socket. Everything should work if the computer is set to automatically get internet settings. The data network has a speed of 100Mbit / s internally in the houses, and between the houses the speed is 1000Mbit / s. 1000Mbit / s is also the speed to the outside world.

Laundry rooms are located in Dackegården's A-huset and C-huset as well as at Korpamoen. Reservation lists for booking laundry times are available at the laundry rooms. In the event of a fault in the washing machine and dryer, you shall report it via the fault report to Stadsbostäder here.

Fault reporting during on-call time is made to Örestad Bevakning on telephone 040-931270. On-call time in the laundry rooms is only valid Friday evening to Sunday / public holiday.

NOTE! The Smålands Nations Bostäder Foundation is not responsible for damage to clothes that are damaged during washing in the machines. Your own home insurance applies.

Garbage and recycling
At Dackegården's intermediate yard, there is a recycling station behind the purple fence. Garbage is sorted by the tenants according to the instructions on the containers for combustible and recyclable and return material, respectively.

Electrical installation
Machines in bathrooms must be connected to the mains with a fixed connection. Other machines may be connected with a grounded plug to a grounded socket. NOTE! Only a qualified electrician may perform work relating to the installation of electricity.

Shower areas
It is absolutely forbidden to drill  in the shower and bathtub areas, to put up something. The sealing layer breaks and this can cause damage.

Graffiti and poster
It is not permitted to scribble and post on house walls, electrical cabinets, garbage station walls or other places within the properties. There are designated places for this.