What do furnished rooms include?
A furnished accommodation is equipped with desk, bed with box spring mattress, bookshelf, desk chair and floor lamp.

Does SNB stand for kitchen equipment and utensils?
You equip the corridor kitchen with utensils yourself.

How big is my bed?
120 cm

May I have pets in the apartment?
Pets may not be housed in accommodation with an address at Kastanjegatan 1 A or Kastanjegatan 7.

Can I repaint or drill in the walls?
Yes, but when moving out, you are obliged to restore professionally. In most rooms there are hanging hooks. If they are missing or you need more, please contact us at the housing office during our opening hours.

Is smoking allowed in the apartment?
Smoking is not allowed indoors in SNB’s properties.

How do I report errors in the accommodations?
You report errors on my pages.

As an international student, can I apply for student housing if I do not have a Swedish social security number?
You can register with the temporary number you find in your admission letter – e.g. 060521-T321.

Can I send a friend to pick up my keys?
Yes, but only in case of emergency since you will miss important information given if you collect the keys yourself. Power of attorney will be required. For more information, contact bostad@snbostader.se

Can I look at the accommodation before I decide?
Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to do so since the room/apartment are currently rented out. Sample images are shown when applying.

How long do I have the right to stay in Smålands Nations Bostäder after completing my studies?
Upon completion of studies, you no longer have the right to live at Smålands Nations Bostäder.

Can the notice period be shortened?

Can I move in earlier than the start date in my contract?
No, you cannot. You can move in at the earliest on the date that your contract takes effect. If this date falls on a weekend or public holiday, you move in the next weekday.

What happens if someone sublets illegally and this is discovered?
The person who owns the first-hand contract risks the contract being terminated. Anyone who sublets illegally may not stay.

I want to change my subtenant, how do I do that?
If you have been approved to rent out your apartment and you are going to replace your second-hand tenant (during the approved period), we still want you to send in a new Exemption and Second-hand application. We then can quickly run a check so that the subletting tenant meets the study requirement and if you have submitted the correct document according to SNB’s rules for subletting. Extra costs are not required.
You will then receive an email from us confirming if your subletting application has been approved.