A tenant can in certain circumstances sublet their home. The conditions for
it is as follows:
- You have an approved exemption application from the study requirements. This application can be submitted at the same time as applying for subletting.
- You live without commuting distance (i.e. outside Skåne) during the exemption period
- You intend to resume your studies at Lund University
- Your second-hand tenant meets SNB's study requirements. Certificate must be provided.
An administrative fee of SEK 500 will be charged to you on the next rental notice if your application is approved. If application is not approved no fee will be charged.
Please note that in the case of subletting, it is always the first-time tenant who is fully responsible
for the home. This means that the rental notification is sent to the first-time tenant and him
is responsible for paying the rent. The responsibility for the care of the home also remains with
the first-time tenant.
Application forms are available at the housing office or here on the website under Forms.
The application must be received by SNB no later than two weeks before the desired rental period.