About SNB Accommodations

We manage 241 accommodations in central Lund which consist of corridor rooms, studios and 2-room apartments. All our corridor rooms and kitchenette rooms have a 10-month rent, July and August are rent-free months. The two-room apartments have a 12-month rent.

All students pursuing full-time studies are welcome to apply for an accommodation with us.
Our housing queue is based on how long an applicant has been with us and the applicant's wishes.
Provided that all basic requirements and search conditions are met, an overall assessment is made.

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Student – welcome!

In order to be considered as a tenant with us, we set a number of basic requirements

You must be able to substantiate your studies with a certificate from Lund University.
The study requirement is met by housing applicants who have been admitted to studies of at least 30 higher education credits per semester (100%) in Lund and by tenants who conduct studies of at least 22.5 credits (75%) per semester in Lund. Doctoral students must be able to demonstrate an activity level of at least 50% per semester.
The study requirement is also met by those who hold a temporary full-time remunerated position of trust within the Smålands Nation.
Housing applicants must be no more than 35 years old when signing a lease for corridor housing.
The tenant must meet SNB's requirements regarding debts and payment notices. In order to sign a binding agreement for a tenancy, there must be no payment notices related to accommodation. SNB takes a credit report on everyone who becomes eligible for a rental agreement on an apartment.
The number of people in the household must be reasonable in relation to the apartment's layout and size. To prevent unhealthy living conditions, we therefore limit the number of residents in the apartment
as follows:
- Corridor rooms and kitchenettes are only let for one resident, i.e. the tenant.
- 2 rooms and kitchen max 2 people.

The apartment must be intended as a main residence and civil registration address.
You intend to take out home insurance.

Our search terms

In order to be eligible for a specific home, you must have registered as an applicant and submitted a notification of interest for the home on our website. We do not accept applications by telephone or e-mail.
To be considered active on My Page, you need to log in at least every six months. If you do not
log in for one year, your account will be deleted.
You can apply for a maximum of 3 residences at the same time. You must accept within 24 hours. The home then passes on to the next applicant.
After a lease is offered, the applicant is removed from the housing queue.
Your registration date is personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Guidelines if you live in a property we manage and want to look for a new apartment

We do not allow housing exchanges between two tenants.
There is no internal queuing system for existing residents with us and it is the same
registration of interest that applies to residents as non-residents.
To be current as an applicant, the same basic requirements and application conditions apply as for other applicants.
In addition, the following applies:
You must have paid the rent on time and not disturbed your neighbors.
You have 1 month's notice for corridor rooms and 2 months' notice for 2-room apartments.