Corridor contact

Corridor contact
Corridor contacts are selected among our tenants and it shall be one at each corridor

Tasks as a corridor contact
 Spread information from Smålands Nations Bostäder to the residents in the corridor
 Welcome new tenants and inform them about the comfort rules and cleaning routines
 Organize weekly cleaning as well as general cleaning two times per year
 Ensure that loose objects are not stored in the corridor
 Report fault in the common areas on the website
 Attend to corridor contact meetings once per semester

Please contact your corridor contact if you have any questions or something to express.

We offer the corridor contact:
Compensation of SEK 990 per year for the assignment (rental deduction for 10 months, September -June).
A service certificate.
Opportunity to use SNB as a referee when applying for future employment.

If you are interested or want to know more, please contact Håkan Möller via e-mail at