How to apply for accomodation

The queue place is based on the queue time the applicant has. Please note that the place in the booking queue changes throughout the booking period when housing applicants with better, i.e., earlier queue dates book themselves at the same accommodation. Ex. If it says 1 out of 14 bookings, it means that you have the best queue number out of a total of 14 who have booked for this accommodation.

If someone with a better queue time books after you for the same accommodation, you will be moved back in the queue and get a place 2 out of 15.

SNB’s residence has a straight queue. All apartments are offered according to queue time. The housing applicant who has been in the queue the longest and meets the landlord’s requirements gets the accommodation.

The study requirement must be met for each semester you are a housing applicant or resident. The requirement is described in more detail in Chapter 1 of the Rental terms and conditions and under Rental policy.

Study checks are carried out regularly by SNBostäder and you therefore need to be prepared to be able to show that the requirement is met. If the requirement is not met, the right to both a queue place and residence is lost.

These are stated in our Rental policy.

How to apply for accommodation at SN Bostäder