Our residences

Smålands Nations student housing is centrally located by Lund's only esplanade. You have a 10 minute walk to major shops, shopping streets, cinemas, restaurants and pubs.

The tall building, Dackegården, has long been a landmark in Lund, as there are basically no taller buildings in the inner city. On the upper floors you have a fantastic view of Lund and southern Skåne. The house is currently undergoing a careful renovation, one floor at a time.

Korpamoen, which is located along Kastanjegatan, was built in 1970. It has mainly corridor rooms, but on the roof there are also penthouse apartments. In the house is the nation's pub, where there are some music events. Disturbances from these are sometimes unavoidable and you should not be too sensitive to sound if you want to thrive here.

In the C- and D-lengths, which are located between the other two houses, there are mainly small apartments. It is a two-storey house with attic corridors.