The ten story building, which has long been Lund's tallest apartment building, was ready for occupancy in 1960. The building has 124 corridor rooms spread over 18 corridors from floors one to nine. At the top, on the tenth floor, there are two two room apartments with a fantastic view of the city.

On the first floor there are six rooms per corridor and a common living room next to the kitchen. In these corridors, one of the rooms has a private bathroom while the other five share a shared shower. Two of those who share a shower have a common hall and toilet with sink, while the remaining three have their own hall and toilet with sink.

Other corridors from floors two to nine have an identical floor plan, with seven rooms per corridor that share a kitchen. Two of the rooms share a hall and bathroom, containing a sink, toilet and bath with shower. Two other rooms share a hall and toilet with sink. The remaining three rooms per corridor have their own hall and toilet with sink.

The apartments are rented unfurnished. Corridor rooms are rented furnished and unfurnished. Laundry room and sauna are in the basement.