The rent

We hire Stadsbostäder to handle the foundation’s financial services. For questions about payment and deposits, contact Stadsbostäder on 040-126400 or

The foundation Smålands Nations Bostäder
Bankgiro: 123-9771 845001-3761

Paying from a foreign bank
To pay from a foreign bank, you need the following information:
IBAN no: SE9850000000056241086316
Beneficiary: Stiftelsen Smålands Nations Bostäder
Address: Kastanjegatan 1C, 223 59 Lund, Sweden
Bank: SEB
Address: SE-banken, Box 97, S-22100 Lund, Sweden
It is very important that you enter your name or OCR-reference (OCR-referens) when making your payment. You also must choose that the sender is responsible for all fees.