Rent and payment

Things to keep in mind when paying your rent

Rents are announced monthly via e-mail, direct debit or e-invoice. You register for direct debit or e-invoice via your internet bank. You must enter the OCR number when paying the rent. You can also log in to “My Page” and get access to your rental advice and see the status of your payments. The first time you log in, you need to enter your apartment’s property number, which you will find at the bottom right of your rental notice.

The rent must be paid in advance, no later than the last weekday before the beginning of each month to which the rent relates. You must pay the rent regardless of whether the payment slip has been received by you or not. Keep in mind that it takes some day for payment to reach us. If you do not pay the rent on time, you will be charged with collection costs and interest.

For all rooms, apart from 2-bedroom apartments, monthly rentals are to be paid, except for
July and August unless (ii) below applies.
Tenant moving in:

i) July 1, will pay rent for that month
ii) August 1, will pay the rent for that month

For 2-room apartments, 12-month rent is payable monthly in advance.
The cost of electricity and broadband is included in the rent.


As a resident of Smålands Nations Bostäder, you now have the opportunity to receive your rental notice as an e-invoice.

An e-invoice is a digital invoice that is sent directly to your internet bank. It makes it easier for you as a payer and together we contribute to a better environment.

To sign up for e-invoice, do the following: Go to your internet bank and search the list of companies that offer e-invoice. Search for Stadsbostäder e-invoice. Fill in the application form. The information we need is your object number, name and telephone number. Please note that only contract holders can sign up for an e-invoice with us.

You will not receive your first e-invoice until the next quarterly notification. We hire Stadsbostäder to handle the foundation’s financial services. For questions about payment and deposits, contact Stadsbostäder on 040-126400 or

NOTE: From March 15 2023, we no longer accept payments made through Revolut or Dash Cash (Rapyd).

The foundation Smålands Nations Bostäder
Bankgiro: 123-9771 845001-3761

Paying from a foreign bank
To pay from a foreign bank, you need the following information:
IBAN no: SE9850000000056241086316
Beneficiary: Stiftelsen Smålands Nations Bostäder
Address: Kastanjegatan 1C, 223 59 Lund, Sweden
Bank: SEB
Address: SE-banken, Box 97, S-22100 Lund, Sweden
It is very important that you enter your name or OCR-reference (OCR-referens) when making your payment. You also must choose that the sender is responsible for all fees.