Kitchen renovation info

Information for our tenants
Kitchen renovation 7 of June – 8 of August

During the summer, SNB will carry out a complete renovation of the common kitchens and common corridor spaces at Korpamoen and a complete renovation of a test kitchen at Dacke, floor 9 west. The work starts on Monday 7 June and is expected to be completed in the second week of August. We understand that the renovation creates some practical changes to routines, but hope for understanding and good cooperation from our tenants.

Replacement kitchen in Småland’s pub
The communal kitchens at Korpamoen will be completely closed at the same time and can not be used during the two months that the work is in progress. Renovation work will also take place in the common corridor spaces so it will only be possible to stay in your own room. During this period, Smålands nation’s pub premises will be used for a temporary kitchen with the opportunity to cook and store food in refrigerators and freezers.
For floor 9 west on Dacke, it will be possible to use the kitchen at the nearest neighbor floor 9 east. But you are also welcome to use the temporary kitchen in the pub.

Nikolay Gornov, coordinator / site manager:
Christian Magnell, caretaker:

Opening hours in the replacement kitchen

The kitchen is open 6.30-9.00, 12.00-14.00, 18.00-21.00.
In addition, there is a key manager on each corridor at Korpamoen so that if needed, you can enter between opening hours.

Corona restrictions to take into account
From 1 of June, 50 people may gather indoors with reserved places. In the room there are four tables set up at a distance where each corridor has its reserved places. Continue to wash your hands and be careful with hand hygiene when staying in the kitchen and public space.  Hand disinfection will be displayed on each table.

The kitchen room
The parts of the public space that the corridors have access to are:
The wardrobe – for food storage in refrigerators and freezers.
The dance floor – here are the replacement kitchens 1-4 as well as some tables and chairs. Here you can sit and eat on site. There is also a TV screen.
The toilets in the pub.
No other parts of the pub rooms may be used. The replacement kitchen is kept clearly separated from the pub by a folding wall. The pub’s own kitchen may only be used by national activists for pub activities for licensing reasons.

Equipment and dishes
Each corridor at Korpamoen has its own kitchen numbered 1-4 and uses crockery and cutlery taken from each corridor. Used cups, plates and cutlery are placed on a table. Nikolay will take care of the counter immediately after opening hours.

Special rules about the food

Vegan and vegetarian food are accepted in the replacement kitchens
Following a decision at a national meeting, there is an exception during this time from the requirement for completely vegan housekeeping in Småland’s nation’s premises. The exception means that vegetarian food is allowed, including dairy products (eggs, margarine, butter, cheese, milk) and honey.

Meat and fish are cooked at the barbecue area
It will not be allowed to cook or store meat, fish or shellfish inside the pub. Preparation of meat and fish is referred to the patio at Dacke. SNB is increasing the number of grills and buying charcoal. Charcoal is handed out by the caretaker during office hours and by Nikolay other times and weekends.
Meat and fish are stored in a separate refrigerator in the basement at Korpa – see notice on the basement door.